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After years of working on luxury super yachts all over the world Joanna is Ethereal Blooms’ expert in all things yachting. 
Bringing her extensive knowledge of 10* floating luxury alongside her passion for floristry, Joanna connects with interior teams and owners worldwide to bring bio-preserved flowers to this exclusive space.
For any request you can contact her at:

The Story behind Ethereal Blooms

Combining artistic flower arranging with the latest technology in floricultural science, we create bouquets of sustainable long-life Ethereal Blooms — real natural flowers that have undergone a unique bio-treatment process to stay looking and feeling fresh for an entire season.
Each day, over 20 million dollars worth of cut flowers are airfreighted all over the world, stored in temperature controlled facilities and transported in refrigerated trucks. Due to their short lifespan, the yearly environmental cost of buying a single fresh floral bouquet every week is estimated at over 56 kg of CO2 emissions in its journey from field to florist to vase.
We provide a beautiful alternative to synthetic or freeze-dried flowers, by making natural blooms foreverlasting fresh and keeping your carbon conscience happy.
Our bouquets are hand-arranged and thoughtfully designed to add style, colour and distinction to your favourite spaces. Choose from our seasonally updated styles or order a bespoke arrangement made just for you. Lovingly treated and created in our London floral lab & studio. 
  • Apart from the obvious advantages our flowers offer to yacht stews struggling with dying flowers, and the headaches of provisioning good flowers in remote locations, Ethereal Blooms are truly zero maintenance.
  • They do no sit in water: saving your stews from having to change the water every few days, and taking one daily chore off the list.
    They don’t need to go in the refrigerator to keep them fresh – saving essential space in your fridges or cold rooms, and stopping the damage caused by huge numbers of flowers being crammed into a small area – especially for longer trips.
  • They can save you up to 75% of your usual flower budget: buy them once and don’t think about them again until next season.
Just some of our clients from M/Y Man of Steel, M/Y Nomad and M/Y Fortunate Sun loved the quality of the arrangements, the fresh smell of the eucalyptus and the reaction from their owners when they made the switch to preserved flowers from Ethereal Blooms.
Our flowers aren’t just perfect for yachts however, and there’s every chance your guests have already encountered our flowers without even knowing it at luxury brand stores such as Christofle, Lalique, Baccarat, Bvlgari or De Beers the Jeweler.

Here’s a little more on the science of how we make the blooms…

Advanced bio-preservation techniques capitalise on the plant’s inherent properties to facilitate an exchange of water for natural oils through its cells’ semi-permeable membranes and into every structure of the flower; working with nature instead of against it.
It’s a marriage of new and old as cutting edge technology combines with natural processes to create something not only beautiful for the consumer, but better for the planet, the budget, and the to-do list.
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