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Remembering your adventures with a travel journal

Years before I started yachting, I kept a travel journal. When I was away from home, I wrote about the places I explored, the people I met, and my reactions to those new environments and experiences. From time to time, I pull them out of the drawer and relive those trips from the comfort of my living room. Then when […]

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A 4 days break before Med Season in France

🍷SAINT EMILION 🍇 BORDEAUX 🍇  CAP FERRET 🦪   That was my treat a couple of years ago (with my hubby)before the season  starts to get our batteries fully loaded ! We arrived at Bordeaux Airport and rented a car, we drove for about an hour before arriving to this stunning 5 ✨Hotel Château Grand Barrail, and all straight away […]

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Cheers to Autumn

From September to November, schedules remain quite hectic generally, it is a transition period. Between end of season, last bosses or charter trips, Atlantic Crossings, Yacht Show in the Med & Florida, boats getting sold, or getting ready for shipyards…. , crew leaving  or starting new jobs, what did I forget ? Holidays of course, Yes they are also part […]

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Easter Inspirations

For those looking for a combination of a fun trip and a chocolate decadence, go run to Brussels for Easter week end . For those in the Netherlands area, it is a short trip going to Belgium and totally worth it . I will always remember my week end there back in 2012 , beside the fact that all chocolate […]

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Beach Spirit

Turquoise is my favorite color so it will be the theme of these lines. Working on boats for so many years, living by the sea or spending time in Marinas, you always try to cruise and search for that perfect patch of color ….   Now that you have found it, it is time to find the perfect beach and organize […]

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Welcome to your New Destination

2019 : the start of my website but mainly this is the opening of The Stewardess Corner! Here is how it all started. I have started my work life at 19 years old working in luxury retail stores and after a wonderful experience working for the Hermes Group in Monaco, I came to realize that something was still missing in […]

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