Month: February 2019

Ironing a button down shirt in less than 5 mn

Start with the collar (remember to put back the collar stays) Then shoulders, and top front part of the shirt Sleeves 1 and 2       4. Frontside with button hole       5. Backside of the shirt       6. Frontside with the button (button on table side)       7. Place the shirt on […]

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Caring for luxury linen

Bed linen, table cloths, placemats Washing machine wash Always light wash your linen when new before using them for the first time. It is essential to carefully sort your linen in order to preserve the original colors: always wash the white with the white! dark colors together. Use stain removers if necessary. Place your linen in the washing machine, do […]

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Serving Caviar

Caviar is a delicacy, so it is very important to know the ” do’s and don’ts ” about Caviar service, to enjoy the subtle taste of it.     Having a caviar set is a “Must” on high end Yachts, luxury villas or private jets. However if you don’t have one , get inspired and creative by following basic principles , […]

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Welcome to your New Destination

2019 : the start of my website but mainly this is the opening of The Stewardess Corner! Here is how it all started. I have started my work life at 19 years old working in luxury retail stores and after a wonderful experience working for the Hermes Group in Monaco, I came to realize that something was still missing in […]

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Buying Fine Linen

After purchasing linen for 7 yachts, 30 cabins, 3 apartments & 3 villas including a total of 16 bedrooms, without counting the linen for the staff and crew, down below some advises for your next purchase. Your guests needs to have a good night sleep, it is important to choose the right fabric, and to know when it’s possible  what […]

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