Caring for luxury linen

Bed linen, table cloths, placemats

Tablecloth Pleiades Alexandre Turpault
Washing machine wash
Always light wash your linen when new before using them for the first time.
It is essential to carefully sort your linen in order to preserve the original colors: always wash the white with the white! dark colors together.
Use stain removers if necessary.

Place your linen in the washing machine, do not pour detergent directly onto the fabrics, do not overload and select a delicate cycle, (30°c is ideal, 40° c max ,temperature, and 800 mn/ spinning program).
Higher spinning will crease your fabrics, it damages the fiber and means longer ironing time.
Place Mats by Lintea Mare
Alexandre Turpault
Avoid using liquid detergent containing bleaching or brighteners agents, do not use bleach or softeners.
When you are drying in a tumble dry, use the low temperature setting, do not let the fabrics dry completely. Hot temperature weakens the fibers causing shrinkage.
For all embroidered fabrics, use a steam iron and iron on the backside of the embroidery. To facilitate the ironing process, you are better of doing it while fabrics are still damp.
When ever you are using starch, or an easy ironing spray: spray on one side and iron on the other side( so you will not dirt the sole of your iron)
Alexandre Turpault
Here are 5 tips for bleaching your bed linen by “Alexandre Turpault”
– Lemon: Natural bleaching agent, it will give clarity to your linen. Simply add the juice of 1/2 lemon to your usual laundry.
– Bicarbonate of soda: Add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into your laundry tub. You can also rinse your laundry in water, adding about 500 grams of bicarbonate of soda.
– Chemical yeast: Pour a bag of baking powder into your laundry tub. This technique also revives bright colors.
– Hydrogen peroxide: Fill a basin or bathtub with very hot water (between 30°c and 60°c) and add hydrogen peroxide. Let your clothes soak between 2h and 4h.
– Milk: As surprising as it may seem, milk can have whitening virtues for your laundry. Soak for about 1 hour in milk.
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