Loving Orchids

Orchids are one of the richest flowering plants family with over 30 000 species , dispatched in over 800 groups . You can find many of them in the Tropics like South East Asia, and Caribbean Islands but not only. They also live in semi desert countries, some neotropical orchids species can be found in Southern Central America, South America, and countries along the Andes Mountains . Orchids are famous for their beauty and their extraordinary color palette. 
Orchids are our star on boats and villas but they are always making us worry about our to deal with them, and everyone has their own tricks to keep them “happy”. In doubt: always ask your florist
Orchids can last really long if you treat them with LOVE, and they are very easy to take care of. Like any other flowers or plants in nature , their flowers come and go , and they are no different. And if you have time, space,  and patience they will bloom again next season 😃
  1. They like light but no direct sunlight (when they are in a very hot environment: spray the leaves).
  2. They don’t like cold , cold air or air conditioning ventilation on them
  3. They like their roots to be always humid (but not in standing water)
  4. They don’t like chemical fertilizers.
  5. They like 2/3 deep baths, once every 3 weeks or 1 bath of ½ hour per week (the idea is that the roots need to get water soaked).
  6. Please don’t use ice cube ! I know it’s tempting and you heard that before, but who like to have feet bathing in ice ? 
  7. You can repot an orchid in a bigger pot only if you see the roots are too tight in the pot, you will need fresh potting soil combined with perlite, to keep humidity inside the pot. Roots are thick but fragile, be delicate !
  8.  Bud blast is a common sign of problem conditions. If your buds dry up and die without any sign of pests or disease, your orchid may need higher humidity or brighter lighting. Incorrect watering can cause this problem, along with distorted or wrinkled foliage.
  9. If your orchid leaves are floppy and turning yellow , your plant may not receive enough water.

Some of the main varieties

Phalaenopsis : Flowers can last between 3/6 months – like temperature 18°c / 25°c – once flowers are gone, cut the 2nd eye above the stem , so it will bloom again.
Vanda: Lots of light, roots outside, daily watering, spray only the roots, flowers can last up to 3 months.
Symbodium: like temperature 14°c /18°c, average of 3 months flowers, they are more cold tolerant than other species and are the stars in flowers arrangement.
Oncidium Group with many varieties with many various gorgeous flowers, colors and shapes.
Paphiopedilum: with a shoe like shape of the lip this is an interesting variety, like 18°c / 20°c temperature, leaves have some tiny dots on top.
Cattleya: 16°c/20°c ideal temperature, needs a lot of sun , they have a delicate smell and stunning colors

The Orchid is Mother Nature’s Masterpiece

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