Serving Caviar

Caviar is a delicacy, so it is very important to know the ” do’s and don’ts ” about Caviar service, to enjoy the subtle taste of it.
Having a caviar set is a “Must” on high end Yachts, luxury villas or private jets.
However if you don’t have one , get inspired and creative by following basic principles , you should be fine.
Don’t spend money on caviar if you don’t use the proper utensils.
It is essential to keep a good communication with the chef during the process so the timing for temperature is controlled.
Caviar should be used within a week after opening.
Set Caviar Cristofle Malmaison
  • you will need serving spoons : ideally mother of pearl, horn, bone (no metal spoon)
  • if you have small mother of pearl dishes, it’s the perfect time to use them
  • Condiments to prepare and serve with caviar:
                -hard boiled eggs (yolk and white chopped separately)
                – lemon wedges
                – sour cream (or creme fraiche)
                – minced onion
                – ideally home made blinis (or fine toasts, unsalted crackers)
  • What to drink with caviar
                        – Straight shot of fine frozen vodka
                        – Champagne
Service 3 bowls/coupelles Cristofle Malmaison


Spoon/ Cuillere Caviar Cristofle Malmaison
  • 1 hour prior to serving caviar, chill your appetizer plates (or mother of pearl plates) in the refrigerator
  • 15 mn prior to serve, take the caviar tin out of the fridge to adjust to room temperature
  • Fill your caviar bowl with crushed ice
    Hand carved mother of pearl serving plate by Markys
  • Open the tin and nestle caviar the caviar in the middle using a mother of pearl spoon.
  • Place chilled appetizer plates near each guest
  • Bring caviar bowl, condiments, blinis and drinks to your guests
  • Allow the guests to help themselves and enjoy !

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