Ironing a button down shirt in less than 5 mn

  1. Start with the collar (remember to put back the collar stays)
  2. Then shoulders, and top front part of the shirt
  3. Sleeves 1 and 2
      4. Frontside with button hole
      5. Backside of the shirt
      6. Frontside with the button (button on table side)
      7. Place the shirt on a hanger
      8. When finished close the top buttons of the shirt and couples of buttons down
      9. Give a last vertical steam if needed

TIPS : Good tools, good organization = Time saving and work efficiency

  • Time yourself: ironing a shirt should not take more than 5 mn
  • When possible try to iron when items are still damp
  • Check the care label for temperature
  • High end shirts have collars plastic stays, which should be removed before washing and put back in place before ironing
  • Dark colors should be ironed inside out
  • When using easy iron spray or starch, spray on one side and iron on the opposite side
  • To prevent collars, hems, cuffs, from puckering: iron on the wrong side first
  • Try to find out if your guest like the pleats or not on the sleeves
  • It’s a good investment to buy a sleeve ironing board (if you don’t have any : you can insert a rolled-up towel in the sleeve, so you can press without leaving creases)
  • A protective Ironing scorch saving pad can be a useful tool as well .


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