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When I have decided to create my website/blog, I knew what I was trying to achieve: helping stewardesses and everyone working in the hospitality industry with their interior decoration purchases… but I had no idea of the outcome of this new activity. In fact since I have launched this new project through all the social networks (which I normally would not use much for my private life), I am surprised and feel really encouraged by some of the messages and interests that I have received for my new project.

This is when I realize  that the road of  life can take us in many directions, but when we see some new & interesting sceneries , we should take time to picture the place. Same with people:  when a person make time for us, we should get to know them too😀

One person in particular few weeks ago contacted me from the other side of the world in Australia. I got really pleased when Karine was curious  to understand my motivations behind my new life adventure. We had a quick chat before a set up interview for her Vlog, and I realized in minutes that Karine is a given and people oriented person: she is a good listener, mentor, she  inspires & encourages

🌅 Karine will choose & find the right words or sentence for each single situation and will help you to organize your brain😀

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Some infos about ” The Crew Coach” 

Our Mission: We exist to serve and support crew through the entirety of their yachting careers. Our service offerings are geared to assist crew in overcoming personal and professional challenges in order to ensure a seamless and rewarding yachting career.

About: Karine commenced her yachting career in 2008. Her yachting experience inspired her to further develop her skills in the human services sector. As a values driven and change professional, Karine comes with a wide, yet specialized skill set in the areas of psychology-counseling, strategic leadership and management. Her core purpose involves supporting individuals and teams to overcome personal and collective challenges whilst helping them achieve their respective aspirations.

Service: We are on a mission to support and empower crew through our suite of service offerings. Our services include; coaching, on board workshops, e-learning, counseling, CV services, people & culture services as well as recruitment.

Also they have a very affordable yachting CV toolkit for crew.
It includes access to their online learning platform which has CV templates, how to videos, as well as interviews with heads of departments with a decade worth of yachting experience on how to source your first job and interviewing tips. The course is valued at 90 euros but they are giving it away for only 30 euros. If this is of interest to you click the link here:
Click on the logo to access her free  which give you a clear approach  of all aspects of yachting.


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