Montana Mex

Montana Mex carries a line of delicious condiments with plenty flavors, this company has been created by Chef Eduardo Garcia nearly 10 years ago now, private chef on yachts for many years , we have had the chance to work together on the same yacht for nearly 2 years , it has been a fun and rich experience , especially when you combine at work a French stewardess(me) with a young American chef with a strong Mexican temper 😂. We have shared many walks to the fresh markets worldwide, food service, crossings, laughs & stress.

It has been a  great time to work with someone who is a creative chef, a good seaman, hunter and fisherman at heart, photographer, passionated about nature & cooking and the list of his interest can go on.

With those words I wanted to pay a tribute to Ed, who has been an inspiration for many of us around the globe through his personal tragic ordeal, he has proved us that “Impossible” is not a word to live with, and you should “never give up” because the sun is always shining for those who are looking at it !

To check out his products & recipes , click on photo below

“Ed” : you rock !!!!

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